Gig Recap: thruoutin, The First Medal, Los Crasher, Ramblin Roze (Dada/Temple 23.03.2017)

Swung by the one-two punch combo of Dada and Temple (three if you add in the very questionable tequila shot at E&A Livehouse, a venue that ceases to bewilder me) last week to check out the new release from our old pal thruoutin, whose Contingent of Outlying Territory makes quite the tonal shift in the artist’s prior repertoire – utilizing everything from Chicago footwork to field recordings, to create a dizzying club floor concoction. Beijing rapper j-fever even felt compelled enough to grab the mic for an \’on the spot\’ freestyle. Dope sounds indeed. However, with Temple just a stairwell away, it’s hard not to get sucked into the boisterous rock and roll antics from time to time (and grab a wee drink) – so had the opportunity to catch snippets of the tight-jeaned, classic rock evoking melodies of Ramblin Roze, Los Crasher, and The First Medal. Such luscious locks.

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