Gig Recap: St.ol.en, december3am (Tango/School 11.03.2017)

Had a whirlwind of a Saturday last weekend – one that started with a hike up the Silver Pagoda Forest in Changping, and ended with me shoveling questionable chuan’r into my mouth way past my bedtime. Oh wait – that last part could pretty sum up any night for me. But between those two events – a heck ton of fun. First up, ‘The Feel Good Night’ – the event organized by ummm yeah, not sure anyone ever figured that one out. But their organizers were mighty kind enough to give out a ridiculous amount of free tickets to just about everyone in Beijing including us here at LiveBeijingMusic. And fancy hobos like myself have a hard time turning down anything that comes with a free price tag and besides that, it was another opportunity to check out Chengdu’s St.ol.en, the opening act for the event which also featured electronic heavyweight Breakbot and Norwegian duo OST & KJEX. But I was there for Stolen, I mean St.ol.en, who have decided that their name needs more periods (I’m sure they have a very good reason) and a band I’ve always been fond of. It was interesting seeing the band embrace their electronic undercurrent even further, essentially transforming into a full fledged electro rock band.

Still love their singer, who really holds it altogether, but must admit I’m a bit concerned the band might be pushing things a bit far into overkill. Nevertheless, they’re a band always trying something different and that I can’t knock. Speaking of bands doing something different – we decided after the third amazingly riotous (yet completely vapid) cover from Breakbot (who mind you, had the crowd in a frenzy) to head over to School Bar were the true masters were at play – december3am. I’ve raved enough about these cats but I could not keep my camera in my bag watching these two work their magic. And hat tip to Gate To Otherside, who were also in top form tonight – but by that point I was in la la land. And of course, the aforementioned questionable chuan’r whose color glistened ever so brightly in the worst possible way. Yeah, one of those nights.

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