Gig Recap: Mike Watt & the Missingmen (US) x Round Eye (DDC 18.03.2017)

I know next to nothing about Minutemen – just like everything else cool they completely flew under my radar throughout my adolescence. But in Chachy we trust. You see – the frontman for Round Eye has been treating yours truly to some of the sickest acts for years. Bands, both big and small, from the wildly riotous Daikaiju to legends like Steve fuckin McKay, Chachy and Round Eye have turned me on to a lot of good shit and more importantly help build the China tour circuit for generations of international bands. So when it was announced that they were returning to Beijing with Mike Watt, bassist of Minutemen, Firehouse, and the reunited Iggy Pop & The Stooges, I was already in. But then I gave Double Nickels on the Dime a listen and began kicking myself immediately for not having this in my life earlier. Visceral, cynically alluring, and provoking – it’s influence has clearly endured. And while a wisdom tooth surgery left my jaw and brain rattling in pain, it was awesome and strangely pain reliving to watch Mike Watt & the Missingmen stir up a storm at DDC alongside, of course, Round Eye, the bundle of exploding id they are, as well as the always dependable Streets Kill Strange Animals (who are based out of Nanjing now – lameeee) and The Swinging Barbarellas. Check out Mike Watt’s pretty hilarious and endearing tour dairy and watch out Round Eye’s latest MonsterVision (aka my childhood) out in April.

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