Halloween Weekend

Pet Conspiracy, prepared for Halloween all year round

Yes folks, it’s that time again. Halloween is here, so get out that costume, or like me, wait until a few hours before and franticly put something together (it’s amazing sometimes what one can cook up) and get ready for an epic long weekend of live music here in Beijing. Though the actual holiday falls on next Monday, the fun begins as early as Thursday. You might even need to prepare more than one costume this Halloween because every night this weekend offers more than enough ear candy. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in store.


Head to Tango to catch Boys Noize rock out what will most definitely be a packed house – this is electronic discjockery done right. Or go to Yugong Yishan to catch racy photographer Ren Hang’s latest work – he’ll be accompanied by bands Wanderlust, Glow Curve, and Far Side of the Moon. If your lucky, you may even be able to find a lovely photo of my nude body (don’t ask).


Thou my goodness! Now this is what I’m talking about. Seriously if none of these shows perk your interest, then you live in the wrong city. The biggest draw here is the one event which actually flew under my radar – it’s the Ox Square Halloween party – 4 great bands – Re-Tros, Pet Conspiracy, Bigger Bang!, and Twisted Machine -taking over the tank at 798. Also the infamous Yen Fetish party returns, this time in the UCCA space at 798 – always a good time, so throw on your sexiest costume and check out some of the city’s best DJs. If you can’t make it out to the Lido area, they are plenty of other offerings. The always reliable Old What? Bar will be hosting electronic outfit Pacaloco, along with Thruoutin and Perpetual Motion Machine. Stay funky over at Yugong Yishan with Christmas, Not There, and the Randy Abel Stable. Make your way to Gulou for some soft rock at Mao LivehouseRascal, Surprise, and others will be playing. 2 Kolegas is keeping things laid back with some Skarving, The Flying Mantas, The Fuzz and the Beijing Beatles. If you make it over to Wudaoku, which surely will be in festive spirits, check out Glow Curve and Streets Kill Strange Animals at D-22. And if that sugar high has got you in the mood to rave on, head over to Haze to see Kalabrese and the Three Discoteers courtesy of Fake Music Label.

Re-Tros to be set loose in 798


Though many of the bands seem to be taking the night off (who could blame them after Friday’s all star lineup), there are still plenty of rocking parties to indulge in. Tango is bringing Brit trance hit makers Above and Beyond – this one is being heavily advertised so expect a large crowd. Lantern is throwing down tonight as well with their Halloween Bash, featuring Weng Weng and Elvis T among others. If instead you wanna see local bands rock out – well Mao Livehouse is the place to be – they’re bringing some of Beijing’s heaviest metal acts, including Nuclear Fusion-G, Army of Jade Kirin, and Raving Radio. This one’s gonna be loud and appropriately rowdy. Shanghai band Top Floor Circus will also be playing at Yugong Yishan with the SUBS. For some old fashioned dirty rock and roll head over to D-22 for the Bedstars, the Lazy Camels, Pork, and You Xi. Or to Hot Cat Club to catch the Red Pirates and Time Capsule bang out. Pacalolo makes another appearance alongside folk group Lone at VA Bar. And lastly, need a dose of hip-hop? Then check out 20.3 at Old What? Bar.

Bedstars doing what they do best


Aw Sunday, the day of rest. If the past two days didn’t beat you into the ground then head over to D-22 for their yearly Punk KTV, which I’ve heard is loads of fun. You are also try the variety pack at Mao Livehouse and see Elenore, Caoqin and Starry, and Chinatown. However, for those who want to take it easy I’d recommend checking out 2 Kolegas to relax and folk out with Xiao He, Dongzi, Antya Zhang, Zhao Laoda, Migratory Bird, and Wang Juan. Maybe stop by Temple Bar to see French post-rock Microfilm’s last show in China. Or hear some lovely innovative violin compositions from Mari Kimura at Yugong Yishan. Lastly, one can head to Jiangu Bar to hear Ember Swift.


Leftover candy is always the best – so leave room for one more show cause it’s Halloween finally – go to Yugong Yishan for their Bloody Halloween Party with Pet Conspiracy, AMU, Ou Yang, We Are Not Invited, and Party House – sounds like a night of electronic fun. Best of all – it’s free.

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