Gig Recap:Opposite, 0311, Blue Liquid, Acid Room (2024.4.19)

Opposite 相反, 0311, Blue Liquid 液蓝, Acid Room 酸的房间 at Neo Bar 2024.5.19

There’s nothing more exciting than going into a show not quite knowing what to expect. Under the guise of a ‘scouting’ trip, I headed over to NEO Bar last Friday to see check out some of new bands that have been causing a stir in the neighboring regions – with a group of bands from Jiaxing, Suzhou, Nantong, and Wuhu converging on the Yangpu rock and roll hub. There’s something heartening to see bands build networks like this – a motley crew of young, spirited, and wide-eyed artists looking to make some noise. Even more impressive, was how much of a punch these four bands packed. 

From the reverb-heavy shoegaze-laced pop of Wuhu’s Opposite, an act that wasted no time in leaving their mark and cementing themselves as one of the best new bands out there. 

To the refined rustic post punk theatrics of Jiaxing’s 0311 and the more cerebral noise rock-inflicted Blue Liquid of Nantong – who both have gone through quite the sonic overhaul in the past year to great effect. 

To finally, Acid Room, out of Suzhou, whose combustible mix of grunge, post punk, and noise rock felt cathartic – the perfect way to close out the evening. A hot-blooded, rip-roaring evening of rock and roll and proof there’s plenty of the new generation has to say.

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