Gig Recap:Backspace x Muzzy Mum Tour (20.06.25)

Backspace 退格, Muzzy Mum 麻兹妈,Domino Trigger 推骨牌的人, Solid Liqui 固体李逵 @ Yuyintang  育音堂 2020.06.26

Had the pleasure of checking with Beijing’s Backspace last week. I’ve long been an advocate of the band so to catch them off of their home turf and lighting up the crowd was pretty damn great. Even better – they came prepared with a whole new set of tunes, which finds the band leaning into their innate lyrical chops whilst maintain and elevating their ability to craft some infectious melodies. 


And while Lonely Leary weren’t able to join the young ruffians due to that pesky virus, Xinxiang’s Muzzy Mum were on hand to keep those edges sharp. Post punk with some serious bite and the poetic pose to back it, they’re a band we’re going to hearing a lot about this year, with their debut LP right on the horizon.


Representing Shanghai were Solid Liqui and Domino Trigger, two bands that continue to impress with their offbeat, jagged brand of rock and roll with more than its fair share of post punk elements. While Solid Liqui displays a more playful twisty version of the genre, Domino Trigger is all about the mood, keeping their set sparse, brooding and atmospheric (hence the lack of photographs as only two backstage floodlights were utilized). Keep an eye out for their tours coming up this fall.


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