Gig Recap: Zhaoze (2021.12.04)

Zhaoze 沼泽 – Bandai Namco 万代南梦宫 2021.12.04

Guangzhou heavyweights Zhaoze, whose distinct and definitive guqin-laced post-rock has made them crowds favorites for well over a decade, returned last weekend to Shanghai in support of their latest two releases — the miniature concept album ‘Summer Insects Talk About Ice’ – which the band was able to take care of within the first five minutes of the show (seriously – that’s how long the album is). And a remastered release of their formative and renowned 1911, released a decade ago. Luckily, the band had plenty more tricks tracks up their sleeve, playing section and arrangements from their extensive catalogue. 图片

Interestingly enough, a friend of mine I went to the show with struggled profoundly to enjoy himself as he was convinced the guzheng was out of tune. As someone whose ears have been to hell and back, the only reasoning I could muster was ‘hey, it’s rock n roll’. Where the truth lies is another matter, but I think one of the things about Zhaoze I appreciate is how rough, unruly and yes, even winded (i can’t imagine playing the flute after slamming my guzheng for five minutes straight) the band can be. 图片

It’s not as pristine as one might picture a ‘guzheng meets post rock’ outfit. They go for the jugular more often than not and relish getting into the dissonance and chaos the genre has to offer.   

Great to catch up with Zhaoze. 

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