Gig Recap: Zhang Shouwang, thruoutin, Hielektromen (Yue 2018.03.09)

Evening three of the White Light – White Tower’s new monthly series, stepped outside the rock circle and put together a hearty live electronic showcase in collaboration with the always-game Ran Music, one of Beijing’s unsung electronic music labels, featuring the taut dynamic flows of thruoutin, Hikeletromen, and Zhang Shouwang. While the evening didn’t have the crackpot energy of the night before, it did offer some bewitching soundscapes to wade through and get lost. 

After releasing one of last year’s best electronic releases, thruoutin continues finding new and fresh ways to manifest his organically in-tuned electronica that’s not afraid to take its time and indulge itself. It’s fun just hearing the array of sounds and flourishes unfold and take shape over the course of a song. 

Meanwhile, hardware techno trio Hikeletromen itched my surprising (mostly to myself) love for some serious deep ass house music, shooting off club vibes one after another all the while keeping it as interactive, intimate and technically pleasing as possible, with one of the members even going all New Order for a good ten minutes. Yeah, these guys are my jam. 

Finally, Zhang Shouwang stepping in for white + who sadly couldn’t play due to shitty circumstances, reminded folks why he was and is still a big deal on the underground scene. When the dude hones in and gives it his all – it can really be something – and his krautrock, looping, layered collage of sounds was a fine closer to the night.

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