Gig Recap: Zafka, AYRTBH, Hong Qile, Mao Wengweng (Today Art Museum 2018.11.18)

Dragged my ass over to Today Art Museum in Shuangjing this past Sunday to enjoy some ‘audiovisual’ mayhem courtesy of Bwave – continuing to release music and organizes events around some of the scene’s more mischievous characters – genres including hardware noise, ambient, minimalism, instrumental music, sound art, and improvisational music. The perfect way to obliterate a hangover (or kickstart your weekend all over again). Managed to catch sets from Hangzhou based sound artist, electronic musician and computer programmer Wang Changcun aka AYRTBH– one of the scene’s most important and overlooked artists as well as Zafka  (Zhang Anding), another veteran prominent member of the underground experimental and electronic scene in Beijing and who I’ve been dying to check in the flesh after his two stellar releases with playreclabel in Shanghai this year. Mao Wengweng and Hong Qile were also on hand keeping the mesmerizing, acid-laced visuals engrained in audiences’ eyes. One of the best VJ set-ups I’ve managed to catch all year. Let’s hope Bwave bring some more of their cutting-edge sound and art design to spaces soon enough. 

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