Gig Recap: Yuyingtang Park Reopening (2020.05.22)

Yuyingtang Park reopened earlier this month and does it feel good to have some of Shanghai’s most valued venues return with a vengeance. The occasion was extra special as the two-day event, curated and hosted by emo math rockers Shanghai Qiutian and their label Wild Records, was also a fundraiser for Wild Records and the Wuhan music scene, which is still reeling from the pandemic. And while it’s too early for Wuhan bands to reenter the music ecosystem, Shanghai Qiutian put together a riotous lineup. 

育音堂音乐公园在本月早些时候重新开门迎客了,久违的上海最有价值的音乐现场终于回归,倍感激动。这场演出为期两天,由野生唱片旗下上海数学摇滚乐队Shanghai Qiutian策划并主办,目的为仍在经历疫情困难的武汉野生唱片和武汉音乐现场募捐筹资。虽然让武汉的乐队们集体重返舞台尚需时日,但Shanghai Qiutian仍然尽力呈现出了精彩缤纷的演出阵容。

And as I’m new to Shanghai, a lot of music coming my way was fresh to my ears. Was impressed by the prickly no wave post punk antics of Solid Liqui – whose mischievous sound never loses track of it’s rhythmic core, despite the off-kilter twists it’s not afraid to throw at the audience. Definitely going to keep them on my radar. 


The Mushrooms 蘑菇团 falls into the grizzled pop rock category – old school rock and roll with a tender heart. Perhaps not my cup of tea but they’re true veterans of the scene. It’s clear there’s some buzz surrounding 号外乐团HOWHY, the young neo funk crowd-pleasers (they’ll be contestants on the new season of The Big Band) and while the chops were there, it was a bit too on the nose and vanilla for me. 


The real treat was catching Shanghai Qiutian again since catching them in Beijing. And they did not disappoint. Earnest songs, killer breakdowns, and some of the most energetic musicians this side of the country. Like most great bands of their ilk they leave it all out on stage, letting their emotions spill out into every aspect of their music. 

回想起来,让我高兴的多一个原因是,自从在北京遇到Shanghai Qiutian这支乐队,这一次居然在上海再次碰到了他们,而这一次果然也没有让我失望。真诚的音乐性,致命的穿透力,以及一群最有活力的音乐家汇聚在此地。就像那些伟大的乐队一样,他们将自己倾情地奉献给舞台,让情感渗透到音乐的每个细节。

But really, it was about being back in Yuyintang, and those sweet sweet tunes that I’m looking forward to hearing come out of there for the next year. 


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