Gig Recap: Yinmachi, Characterless (2024.3.7)

Yinmachi 饮马池, Characterless 性格缺失 at Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园 2024.3.07

A killer one-two punch combo over at Yuyintang Park last Thursday as two of the scene’s best new acts took the stage. 

This was my first rodeo with Characterless, out of Lishui, who have been causing a stir down south for some time. And by the audience reaction – they’ve got some serious traction – with fans roaring in delight, singing along, and pogoing to their heart’s delight. And it’s easy to see why – tapping into a darker new wave sound that’s straight out of the 80s – it perfectly balances its softer pop sheen with its more combustible post punk adjacent sound. Truly an electrifying band and one I hope makes it back up to Shanghai soon. 

Meanwhile, it’s been almost exactly a year since I caught Yinmachi 饮马池 at Yuyintang Park of all places – and while that notion did distract with its lingering existential dread – there’s no denying how potent the Suzhou band is, and just how far they have come. While I always mention how much they have shed the remnants of their ska rock days – but that’s not entirely accurate. I think one of the things I like best about the band is where their old school punk aesthetics cut through – like when its surf rock guitars overtake – giving a bolt of riotous fun into their high-wire post punk cold wave sound. They’re simply put, a great live act – one that has grown leaps and bounds since their early days.

Proof once again that there are plenty of killer acts hiding right under our noses. 

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