Gig Recap: Yinmachi, AIRSFX, Trash Panda, Zilu (2021.11.6)

Yinmachi饮马池, AIRSFX, Trash Panda, Zilu子路 – C’s 2021.11.06

Gathered some of this year’s most rowdy acts – a napalm attack of high-octane, body failing, booze guzzling rock and roll form a riotous, righteous cast of misfits. And did they ever seize the day. 

Things kicked off with Suzhou’s Yinmachi (formerly Broken Knee) who have veered hard into post punk territory – a stark contrast to their ska rock days. Nevertheless, the buoyant joy and melodic spry from their former lives is still very much present – giving their diverse set of tunes a high-wire crackle that was infectious. They’ve tapped into something rich and can’t wait to see how they progress. 

Nantong’s AIRSFX were in fine form tonight – finding that sweet spot between boozy arousal and pointed aggression – throwing themselves into the grips of madness with reckless abandon. It’s always a hoot to watch them give in to their demons and they did not disappoint. 

Speaking of demons, Zilu came in swinging, throwing audiences into the thick of hysteria alongside them. There’s something devilishly dangerous about these cats – punk rock that’s truly unhinged yet with a sneaking bleeding sentimentality lurking underneath its cockeyed tongue-in-cheek mashup of punk, grunge, and pop balladry. 

Likewise, Trash Panda are everything I dreamt they would be – a runaway train that’s taking out everything in its tracks. That moment where you turn the accelerator up all the way the handle gives and breaks clean off. Snarling, boisterous and decadent in the best possible way, they’re a Molotov cocktail of hard-hitting grunge-inflected punk rock that obliterates. And a hell of a way to close out our first volume of Carpe Diem! 

Thanks once again to all the bands, to C’s and the folks who came out in support of local music. Till next time! 

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