Gig Recap: Wu Zhuoling, Solent & Hadi, thruoutin, Sosoloid (fRUITYSPACE 2091.04.27)

Headed over to fRUITYSPACE last week to check out the exquisite and multi-talented Chengdu artist Wu Zhuoling – a well-known figure on the independent scene for years (she fronts the well-known indie electronic band Wednesday’s Trip) who has since blossomed into a  dynamic producer and electronic musician. With hefty dabs of trip-hop, ambient and spine-tingling acid techno alongside distorted yet still tender vocals and captivating melodies, she gave an eclectic set that showed off her many talents and proved why she’s so beloved. That wasn’t all though – audiences were treated to a wide range of acts, including hip-hop producer Sosoloid (known to most as Orientlic) taking it down a notch from his usual beat-oriented stylings, thruoutin ijjecting some fast-paced ‘Gqom’ into his set, and ambient producer Solent teaming up with Tabula player and vocalist Hadi for a trance-filled jam. 

Wu Z

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