Gig Recap: Wonton Bureau – Offbeat (2021.01.13)

Wonton Bureau 馄饨局: Offbeat —— 上马巡雾 (阿鸣 + 白天客) COOLFASHIONMUSIC. Hei Mu 黑木, VEENAGEENA, 废物研究所 (ALL Club 2020.01.13)

Last Wednesday, LiveChinaMusic teamed up with On The Road for the latest in their mind-bending series Wonton Bureau 馄饨局 at ALL Club – an evening that blurred ‘the line between electronica, rock, performance art, music, and the spaces in which they’re held’. An unexpected delight indeed.

One of the best parts of the evening was the unpredictable nature of the acts and how they unfolded – keeping both your ears and eyes on alert as a cacophony of sounds and topsy-turvy visuals bombarded ones’ senses and needled their way into our brain tissue.

Things kicked off with the improvisational 80s and IDM-evoking, sonically titillating set from the mischievous duo of Aming and Bai Tianke (of Mirrors) and their new project 上马巡雾. Lots of fun seeing them translating their psychedelic backgrounds into something more atmospheric and kinetic.

Following their lead was the twisted morbid ‘pop music’ courtesy of COOLFASHIONMUSIC., the up and coming electronic audio/visual duo, whose music is the best kind of descent into madness. Utilizing an array of gadgets and tools as instruments (the saw kicked all kinds of ass) the duo flesh out their cynical and satirical lyricism with top-notch sound design.

During this madness, the experimental puppet collective The Waste Research Institute 废物研究所 unleashed their mammoth puppet downstairs. Made essentially from a junkyards collective treasure trove and operated by single madman on a mission – it terrorized the streets of Xiangyang Lu – led on by his human-sized minion (or ringmaster more likely).

The puppet masters eventually made their way into ALL as Hei Mu kicked off his industrial-heavy live set, turning the dance floor into a nightmarish wonderland of wide-eyed creatures and bass-heavy tracks. Closing out the night was none other than rave queen VEENAGEENA, fitting right in alongside the off-kilter visitors and kids looking to get their kicks late into the night.

Props once again to On The Road, ALL Club, our photographer Volta, the artists and people who braved the cold last Wednesday night to let loose and get weird.  

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