Gig Recap: Wen Liang x Lethokuhle Msimang, Zpax, DFA1989, Atelier ll (Yue Space 2017.11.14)

Tuesdays are my new jam! Stopped by the latest SOUND[E]SCAPES series at Yue Space where experimental artists and video directors are invited to perform together in the efforts to ‘create a dialogue of image and sound’. Dopeness indeed essentially with the wide range of both audio and visual stimuli which included soundtrack artist and pianist Wen Liang alongside poet Lethokuhle Msimang performing over the black and white short film Maria’s Silence by Italian filmmaker Cesare Bedogné. Art house vibes all around. Those notions were tossed to the side by hardware fetishizer Zpax whose mind boggling (Mengqi approved) equipment and schizoid sound was coupled with a live old school camera feed that was distorted on the spot. The highlight of the evening was the drone and doom troupe DFA1989 (or the more appropriate Death Fuck Abba 1989) who sent forth some seriously sinister vibes using a mixture of intense drone layers (via keyboard, trombone, guitar and vocals) and horrifying imagery that I couldn’t look away from (courtesy of member Alkeshka) – the kind of set that lingers long after. Finally, drone duo Atelier ll, made up Alex Damboianu & Huang Huan, gave a long burn of a set, perfectly complemented by a slow burn of a video, a tracking shot across that slowly inches toward an imposing otherworldly UFO. Dig it. All in all, a stimulating evening of sounds and visuals that were graceful, chaotic, ominous, and straight up malicious, I can’t recommend enough to everyone out there to catch the next installment of SOUND[E]SCAPES.

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