Gig Recap: WaChi (2024.4.02)

WaChi 蛙池 – VAS 2024.4.02

Over the past year WaChi has become one of the indie scene’s most sought after acts – attracting fans with their impassioned lyrics, soaring melodies, and intrepid spirit. Not always the most striking, but it’s clear the band has struck a chord with young audiences. 

WaChi kicked off a hefty nationwide tour last month – selling up shows across the country, including two nights at Shanghai’s VAS. I popped in just before the holiday to soak in the vibes. The band has always had this radiant aura to their sound – it’s both light on its feet and in its instrumentation – touching on everything from math rock to folk music.

In another timeline, they might have just become a generic ‘world music’ band tied down to their roots in southern China, but they have wisely sprung forth, allowing their sound to roam more freely. And while it doesn’t always work on a technical level, emotionally it’s all there – and when those two layers reach for the stars, it truly is something. 

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