Gig Recap: UNIT, Dirty Finger (2019.11.01-02)

Popped over to DDC this past weekend to catch two acts with a knack for making some noise. First up, on Friday I rushed over to catch UNIT – whose highly combustible noise-punk has only tightened over the past year, layering over some infectious melodies on top of their raw, eardrum destroying feedback and high wire instrumentation. And despite a mid-set guitar malfunction, the band was able to whip up fun and tear through the rest of their set.

Then on Saturday after dancing it out with the crowds over at Yue Space, I headed back to DDC to catch Shanghai punk favorites, Dirty Fingers, in town as part of their nationwide tour to satisfy their fans thirst which has only intensified since their short hiatus this past spring and summer. As per usual, the crowd was electrified, turning DDC into a hot-box of steam and sweat as the band plowed through one song after another, throwing down more than a few new tracks with reckless abandon. They remain one of the best live acts out there and was great to see them all together again.

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