Gig Recap: U.TA (TW), Last Goodbye, The Playcat (School 2018.03.30)

Stumbled over to School Bar after my first proper happy hour in years, and jumped head first into an intoxicating evening of shoegaze, noise rock, and enigmatic dream pop, head tailed by the atmospheric and devilishly intriguing U.TA from Taipei. Anybody who references Wong Kar-wai as an influence is okay in my book and the quartet did not disappoint at all – conjuring a starry-eyed psychedelic dream pop world that was equals parts foreboding and alluring; playful yet dead serious, filled with both moments that had you rocking your body in motion and others that left you in a daze. It certainly helps to have slick shoegaze blazers Last Goodbye and the feral, upbeat, and melodically tuneful The Playcat on hand to warm up the crowd. The two bands have been favorites of mine since I’ve first set ears on them and they’ve grown stronger with time. Can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the next year.  

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