Gig Recap: Tsenjen, Nature Boy (Yichang Café 2017.01.19)

What if Kenny G invaded your KTV Room whilst you were jamming out to European techno music from the 90s? That was one of the first thoughts that formed in my head as I watched multi-instrumentalist Tsenjen, a veteran of the Beijing music scene for years (you may notice him from The Harridans) delivered with the conviction of a minister his sermon – ‘Dance!’ – below blurting out a badass sax solo. So yes – the answer is yes. One part kitsch, two parts awesome, and a whole ton of fun – Tsenjen walked the line between absurdity and righteousness with his ‘electro-jazz’ act and it was something to behold. And while some tinkering needs to be done, and he’ll need to hone in his set and keep it as tightly wound as possible, can’t wait for Tsenjen to be unleashed upon the rest of Beijing. Support from Nature Boy, playing some originals from his band The Peppercorns and then some.

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