Gig Recap: Tropical China Beijing (fRUITYSPACE 2019.03.15)

Last Friday, Beijing audiences were treated to a sneak peek at the unique, wild, and passionately tender wonders of Ava Rocha and Negro Leo from Brazil The multi-talented artists, in town for the ambitious new project from the Subtropical Asia team (which will pit them this weekend in the studio with Shanghai electronic producers Gooooose and 33EMYBW) were simply put – electrifying. Painting their blend of tender and bubbly Tropicalia music and avant-garde musings with real pathos, they cast a spell over the crowded space who held onto every word and strung of the guitar with earnest and wide-eyed anticipation.

Pain, struggle, and resistance all wrapped up in melodies and moments that left you shaken and mesmerized. A truly unique musical experience that hopefully will perk China’s curiosity with its South American neighbors. Kudos to the supporting acts, the tender engrossing grassland musician Bayan Dalai and the tortured and hypnotic guitar soundscaping Li Jianhong, as well as fRUITYSPACE and all who came. Stay tuned for more updates via Subtropical Asia and if you’re in Shanghai on March 30th, check out the artists and many more at Modern Sky Lab (click on ‘Read More’ for tickets). 

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