Gig Recap: Trip Fuel, Last Goodbye, SNSOS, Acid Accident

LiveBeijingMusic and DDC closed out the month of June with a reverb-drenched, jangly pop evening of sounds from some of Beijing’s new guard of indie rock. The air was filled with intimacy and curiosity – as patrons and friends eagerly awaited each band.

On the bill were hard-edged post-rock instrumentalists Acid Accident, who provided kicked off the evening with their brand of explosively alluring and technically groovetastic soundscapes that provided a nice counterpoint to the downpour that ravaged the city streets earlier.

Also on hand were Last Goodbye, who are sounding better and better each time around – they’ve tightened their grip on what works and unleashed their glistering, reverb-heavy, ever-catchy collection of singles upon listeners. Can’t wait to hear their long-awaited debut release with Ruby Eyes Records later this year.  

SNSOS closed out the night with their soaring instrumental blend of math rock playfulness and post-rock coziness that had the crowd lapping up every chord and reflective silence with wide-eyed curiosity. A suitable and emotionally rife ease into the unceasing nocturnal world that laid bare outside. 

The highlight of the evening were Hefei guests of honor – Trip Fuel – the ambitious young band whose earnest genre-defying sound perked up many ears in the venue. With a twisted math rock sensibility perched up against post-rock intrigue and heavy layers of shoegaze introversion and dream pop vulnerability, the band is reaching high. And while they didn’t always hit their mark and were still fleshing out a couple of their songs, it was clear to everyone they were a band that will surely be making waves in the next year. A pleasure they were and hope Beijing brings them back soon enough.


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