Gig Recap: The Ravages, AIRSEX, Round Eye (2021.09.18)

The Ravages, AIRSEX, Round Eye – C’s 2021.09.18

Take a handful of kegs featuring Beijing’s finest craft beer, a ravenous Beijing band looking to tear Shanghai a new one, and some of the Shanghai music scene’s most rowdy characters and you’ve got a recipe for deviancy. Deviancy of the highest order. With seemingly both putters and band members indulging in the Great Leap Brewing’s Trojan horse of inebriation, the main room became a freak show of sorts – one whose lines and sense of space had blurred beyond recognition. 

Round Eye set the tone right off the bat, charging through their set (and even giving us a taste of their new stuff) and pogoing about C’s like a feral animal;

AIRSEX had one beer after another poured down their gully whilst keeping the atmosphere off-kilter;

and The Ravages decided to take the previous offerings of delirious mania and dial it up, taking listeners on a ‘psychedelic roller coaster ride coated in layers of fuzz, driving organ riffs and mischievousness’.

It was glorious. Well worth missing that morning train. 

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