Gig Recap: The Hormones, lows0n, Chagall, Catnapp (2019 WISE Festival)

While I was unable to get in my full fill of the WISE Festival, the labyrinth industry conference focused on tech, music, and everything in-between, I did manage to make my way back from Changing late Sunday afternoon to get a taste of the music the team (along with Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival at the Danish Cultural Center ) had assembled together. And gotta say, I was mighty impressed. On the international end of things, audiences were treated to sets from music-tech pioneer Chagall from the Netherlands and German electro-grime protégé Catnappwho both gave stirring performances that were very much on opposite ends of the spectrum – the former, hypnotic and technically savvy with her MiMu gloves, and the latter a heck ton more abrasive and electrifying its slick and sawtooth demeanor. On the Chinese end, we had the petite Xiamen’s hip hop ruffian lows0n, who brought riotous buoyant energy that was downright infectious – juggling a wide range of genres – from sentimental vaporwave ballads to auto-tuned simmering bangers that wouldn’t be out of place at a KTV. The evening closed out with a set from The Hormones, the Chengdu indie rockers who really have come into their own over the years. There’s a confidence to the way they roll out each tune, innate musicianship that makes every note count. They’re the real deal and it’ll be exciting to see how they connect with bigger and wider audiences over the next few years. All in all, a delightfully indulgent evening of quality tunes.   

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