Gig Recap: The Harridans, Macondo, Su & The Paramecia (M Woods 2017.10.13)

Last weekend one of 798’s hottest galleries paid tribute to four of their favorite Gulou hangouts – Temple Bar, DDC, School, and fRUITYSPACE – by giving them a night in their spacious, contemporary digs. That was the premise of the FAT Music Festival at M Woods – a place that’s been slowly trying to dip its toes into the music scene more and more. And good for them! It’s always fun to head outside of the second ring road for some live music, especially when DDC is calling the shots. The venue brought in their merry gang of rockers who have made DDC their home over the past couple years.

First up where the epic folk calling of Su & The Paramecia, whose six-member lineup was somehow still smaller than usual, and who grab quite a bit in their grandiose ballads and expansive country-fried folk rock.

Macondo, continued upping the ante with a bombastic, high octane performance that had a lovely intermission when one of the drums came undone. Instrumental mishaps beside (the sound was a bit all over the place due to the venue’s incredibly high ceilings) that band had no issue kicking back into gear.

The Harridans, another band with an extensive roster, continue to be a band with surprises up their sleeve, jumping back and forth between disco-laced jams, and big band King Crimson-style rock and roll.


All in all, a fine time in 798. Really hope M Woods can keep up the good work and find a way to throw more and more shows of all scales.

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