Gig Recap: The Burning Deck (India), thruoutin, gogoj (fRUITYSPACE 2018.10.27)

Last weekend – Beijing got a chance to meet the Mumbai-based electronic artist and composer Sandeep Madhavan aka The Burning Deck. For his first waltz with Live Beijing Music we teamed up with Shining Soundscapes – a new live art musical performance combining live digital illustration and music that’s slowly embedding itself in the scene. And what a concept – they’re something beautiful about artists of different ilk creating and ‘performing’ with and against one another, reacting to every chord or brush of a stroke – simply put, a feast for both the eyes and ears. The evening kicked off with the most gnarly performance I’ve seen for musician gogoj – a snarling, intense and impassioned cello noise set – which found the artist rocking out like never before. And with triggered floodlights and her own static visual backing her, was a hell of a wake-up call for the night. Following gogoj,  the American born electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist thruoutin wiped out his pipa and want started out as an ambient-filled set turned into an infectious, beat-heavy, looping party of sounds which eventually saw the artist getting on top of his chair to teach his Mengqi-enhanced instrument a beatdown. If that wasn’t enough, Angie, getting in her first licks on the program Tagtool provided some hypnotic visuals which always seemed to find a way to match the mood of the set. The evening closed out with The Burning Deck bringing some deep vibes alongside guitarist Zhang Ding – a bit of jazz fusion, hip-hop, and drum n bass – the man is a pro at composing and artist Nanguazi had a blast taking the watery elements of his sound and creating collages of technicolor landscapes filled with alluring creatures. By the time the audiences were getting in on the Taptool fun, it was clear we were going to go way past midnight – always a sign of a good time down at fRUITYSPACE. Thanks to all the artists, Shining Soundscape, the venue and the audiences for coming. Stay tuned for part two of The Burning Deck’s Beijing splash. 

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