Gig Recap: The Burning Deck (India), DFA1989, Bye Bye Fish

Night two of The Burning Deck’s weekend reign involved a stop at none other than Temple Bar. First thing’s first – going to Temple Bar on a Sunday night is a bit terrifying. It’s a bit like returning to the scene of a crime or coming down from a long ‘trip’. But I survived – and to my shock, there was tons of company present at this particular (Halloween spillover) evening. Most of that was due to the acts – each of which had the audience up and close soaking in the malevolence and alluring vibes. First up was Bye Bye Fish – the avant-garde folk project formed by the leading duo behind the beloved punk outfit SUBS. It’s been years since I caught these two last but boy do they sound different – in the best possible way. With a headier electronic bent and some off-beat instrumentation all elevated by Kang Mao’s bewitching lyrics – there was so much to like here and I seriously can’t wait to check them out again. DFA1989, in quartet mode, have been honing their chops over the past year and I’m more and more impressed each time I catch them – there’s a mre cohesive structure to their mayhem, giving their set much more emotional heft – if doom and gloom is your jam of course. Finally, The Burning Deck hit the stage with maverick guitarist Jukka and Weihan on drums (both in SHA! as well) plus guest spots from Daniel Rothwell and Nanguazi. They quite the jams and crowds going till after 1am – a Sunday night notion which still distills fear in me. Cheers to Temple, the bands and audiences for checking out the show.

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