Gig Recap: Streets Kill Strange Animals, Motorbike Girls, Last Goodbye (Modernsky Lab 03.12.2016)


Since catching them in early 2011 at the now extinct D-22, I’ve been a huge proponent for Streets Kill Strange Animals – it was hard at the time to pinpoint what exactly drew me to them but all I knew was that these guys were ones to keep an eye on. Cut to now and I’m still enraptured with the band’s sound which has since then evolved and become denser and yet still remains at its very core completely their own. Lyrically rich, atmospheric noise rock that isn’t afraid to play around with structure and forge it’s own path. So when they released their sophomore release McDKids last month, it was kinda a big deal. And guess what – they knocked it out of the park.

Underrated is a term I throw out a lot when talking about these cats but there’s no other way to put it. A rock geek’s band through and through, and truly one that follows the beat of their own drum. Props SKSA! Their release show at Modern Sky Lab (who continue to try to blind its audiences with its over the top lighting game) was supported by scrappy garage rock trio Motorbike Girls, and psych shoegaze rookies of the year, Last Goodbye. Check them out in the near future – 2017 will certainly be kind to them.





























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