Gig Recap: Spring ROMP (DDC 2017.04.02)

Throw our seasonal springtime bash at DDC in early April and holy hell – does it feel good to inject some new blood into the system sometimes. Trumpets, post punk theatrics, indie rock from Baoding, and one of punk’s best-kept secrets – it was an absolute delight hosting this diverse range of bands and sounds.

First up were Division Control, out of Tianjin. Been trying for a while to get these cats to perform here and it’d paid off. While they broadly invoke a slew of post punk greats, there’s such gusto and charming commitment to their act. The perfect gut punch to start off the evening.

Probably the biggest surprise was Briefs Dryer out of Baoding. Really had no idea what to expect from these university kids but they immediately had the crowd jiving and moving. Just solid, spirited indie rock that beats the living hell out of many of the indie cats here in Beijing. Let’s bring these four back already.

Qianchuan Drugstore is the product of budding university art students and it shows. The band is really going looking to break the mold and are taking roads less taken in rock and roll. It didn’t always hit but when they did it was a groovy time. Lack of drummer made up by trumpet.

A cold bucket of water to the face. A knee to the groin. A rush of danger. Forgot how much Xinxiang’s Pumpkins rule the day. The punk veterans have been through thick and thin and continue to fight the good fight.

If tonight’s set from Lonely Leary was any indication then we’re going to receive a hell of a debut later this year. The band was turned it up more than a few notches since signing to Maybe Mars and a feverish energy to their sound now that’s simply slays.

What can I say — cheers to all the fine folks who came through and to the bands – keep on rolling.



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