Gig Recap: Sourtower, UNIT, LST, Kinkorgasm (DDC 2019.3.9)

It’s been a while since LiveBeijingMusic was able to round up a bill with some many new acts – not only new to me but new to just about everyone – and it was a blast, making me long for the days when I was more gung-ho about throwing together wildly diverse lineups. 

Opening for the evening was Sourtower, the all girl trio made of three hip as fuck illustrators. And like their professions, their sound is full of style – a stoic, dead-eyed blend of cold wave chills and psychedelic unease – as another performer mentioned, ‘David Lynchian’ in the best possible way as the three seamlessly share vocal duties and moved as little as possible – nightmare pop indeed. 

Up next were UNIT, and good lord did they pack a punch. A napalm strike of highly combustible noise punk that’s swift, sharp, and devilishly good fun. It never lets up – a highly strung release of hard-hitting drums, electrifying guitar, and rock hard bass – the kind of music that yes, warrants taking your damn shirt off. 

LST was the perfect follow-up, a simmering electronic jam full of acid vibes, techno buoyancy and rock and roll bombast – so while your ears fall prey to the wicked beats and sharp arrangements, your eyes are nevertheless constantly in bemusement. A thirst quencher and the best kind of dance hall side trip you could ask for in a gig. 

Finally, special credit to Kinkorgasm, the true hero of the night. After replacing another band a mire four hours before the show, the nervy new wave singer-songwriter came to the rescue and knocked it out of the park, giving the drunken lost souls of DDC the prom dance single we always dreamed we could dance too. Minimalist synth vibes that me swaying side to side.

Cheers to DDC, the bands, and everyone who made it out!

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