Gig Recap : Solent, Noise Arcade, Jukka x Rothwell (Temple 2019.1.12)

Tuesdays are seriously starting to become my jam. A two-hour sabbatical to drone out the daily grind — with, strangely enough, tons of drone and ambient over at Temple Bar. The latest edition of a ‘Late Evening of Audiovisual Delight’ featuring four artists soundtracking two of the silent film-era’s most recognizable pieces of cinema – Man With A Movie Camera (1929) and Nanook of the North (1922). Solent kicked off things with a slow-burning, sonically stimulating and emotionally rife set that perfectly captured the humanity of the people and images on the screen, with a twinge of nostalgia sprinkled on top. Meanwhile, Noise Arcadeturned the scattershot and frantically edited collection of images into a romp – a frenzied dance of life that reminded me just how easily the artist’s music works within the visual medium. Finally, Jukka on guitar, Rothwell on trombone, and eventually Matt on drums went into full-on Godspeed mode with a sprawling and rousing set filled with epic highs, turning Nanook of the North’s protagonists into folklore heroes (that seal fishing scene still runs on too long). Another fine evening of audiovisual delights! 


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