Gig Recap: Solaris, Macondo (DDC 2017.05.29)

Swung by DDC late last month for a meeting and lucky me, the occasion double as an opportunity to check out Solaris and Macondo, two bands that have been hard at work the past year and a half, amassing a legion of fans and two bands that frankly don’t get enough credit.

Particualrly Solaris, who have refined their neo-folk psychedelic sound with an array of instruments and madcap gusto. Perhaps an acquired taste for some but I really dig their unique sound, one that finds solace in both the lurid moments as well as the quieter ones.

On the other hand, Macondo is about riding those highs with the precision of a guided missle. It’s big, brass, and in your face – led by four folks who relish showing off their chops. Power rock through and through, these cats know what they’re doing and had audiences lapping it up.

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