Gig Recap: SNSOS, Glow Curve, Penicillin, Steely Heart (Omni Space 2017.12.16)

While Omni Space isn’t exactly the most convenient venue to arrive at it has slowly become one of my favorite venues to catch bands at and tonight was no exception. Four bands with four distinct sounds. Let’s break it down: SNSOS have come quite a ways since their humble beginnings. They’ve put in the work, honed in their sound, and even worked around losing their bassist in the most ingenious way incorporating her voice as a memento. Serious chops on these gents – expect them to only get bigger with the release of their debut. On the other end of the spectrum, seasoned electro post rock groovers Glow Curve proved once again they’re a force to be reckoned with a set of beefed up classics as well as a few reminders that they’re cooking something new in the lab. Seriously got emotional hearing these guys again. Another interesting compare and contrast came in the form of Penicillin and Steely Heart. Whilst the former had a raucous crowd of young ladies and eager to please boys, their music, a upbeat mix of britpop ballads and cheeky melodies, didn’t quite do it for me and at times it seemed they were trying to hard. Steely Heart on the other hand is rock and roll charisma unfiltered. By itself the music isn’t exactly anything groundbreaking but the way the band attacks each song,  particularly singer Sai Li whose sloshed, staggered movements and jovial grin, and horse voice is some utterly charming and had every girl around me swooning. Now that’s rock and roll. Keep on killing it Omni Space.

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