Gig Recap: SINK, Seafill, COOLFASHIONMUSIC. (2021.12.10)

SINK, Seafill填海, COOLFASHIONMUSIC. – C’s 2021.12.10

Carpe Diem went off without a hitch last Friday day – a carnivalesque evening of rock and roll, sharp-edged post punk, cold wave and morbid pop music courtesy of SINK, COOLFASIONMUSIC., and Seafill 填海. 

Love the frenzied mad scientist concoctions of COOLFASHIONMUSIC. – the morbid pop duo have a sick sense of humor for sure but it’s their apt sampling, innovative and DIY tuned VJing and ingenious prop management that really fills out their playfully deviant sound. They’re the full package, nifty curators who have twisted their Adult Swim art house peculiarities into something rhythmically pleasing (and they have the perfect Xmas jingle for everyone). 

Seafill are as new as they come – a gaggle of fresh-faced university students with nothing to lose and a boundless sense of musicality that led to the evenings biggest surprise. A bit of grunge crust, some cheeky synth keyboard, and plenty of brooding post punk – chock full of confrontational and propulsive grooves. They were having a wicked good time and that energy spilt right over into the audience. A hell of a debut. 

The crowds swelled up once again for SINK’s set and it’s clear the quartet have something here. Whether it’s their frontman’s wiry charisma, the steely cold wave detachment or their stern dead-eyed musicality, they match the mood perfectly – capturing their steady, churning post punk sound – slow-burning and atmospheric – with aplomb. 

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support live music. Was a hell of a night. We’ll be back in early January with volume 3 with a special guest band from Hangzhou. We’ll also be introducing a cheap (drinks included) ticket price – cause at the end of the day – it’s the bands who put in all the work and give their blood, sweat and tears to the mould-infested walls of C’s.

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