Gig Recap: Silent Speech (2024.3.13)

Silent Speech 沉默演讲 at Mao Livehouse 2024.3.13

It has been a while since I caught up with Silent Speech – the Beijing alt rockers whose 2021 double-LP Law of Instability/Orderly Chaos ended up at the top of many ‘Best Of’ lists. Crafting melodic, swelling, and instrumentally lush music that’s grandiose in every which way, the band, who were in the midst of a nationwide tour, is a full course meal — beaming with ideas and stylish choices that take each song on its own separate journey.

Utilizing that balance between the band’s lean musicality and lead singer Wu Xiaoran’s siren-like voice, it can be beguiling one moment only to dovetail the next into a cascading prog-rock laced jam led by trumpet. 

Yet as layered and dynamic their sound is, there’s a directness – in both its emotional core and its sonic nature that I find myself drawn to each and every time.

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