Gig Recap: Silence Wave, Dee, Hei Mu (Yuyintang Park 2019.05.30)

Last week in Shanghai – Subtropical Asia held a special screening of ‘Journey: Improvised – Damo Suzuki’s China Tour And Beyond’ – a short documentary that follows the adventures and musings of the legendary Damo Suzuki, former singer of krautrock band Can, on his first ever China tour – in Shanghai and Wuhan. Accompanying the screenings at Yuyintang Park and VOX Livehouse were an array of performances and acts. On the Shanghai front, in Yuyintang Park, audiences were treated to a strange and mesmerizing performance from Silence Wave – an ensemble dedicated to the creation and intersection of sound and drama. Part interpretive dance, part ceremonial ritual, and infused with an avant-garde psychedelic gloss that would make Damo Suzuki proud, the band left audiences stunned and mesmerized, keeping their ears enticed whilst the unpredictable nature of their performance kept everyone on their toes. Afterward, two of the experimental and noise scene’s most mischievous characters – Dee and Hei Mu – took turns blending into surreal soundscapes full of psychedelic allure inflicted with twisted noise elements, post-punk magnetism, and industrial minimalism, creating a dangerously sexy atmosphere tinted with just the right amount of menace. Captivating stuff indeed. 


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