Gig Recap: SHOT, Dizzy Dizzy Yellow Puppy, UNTERWASSER(2024.3.22)

SHOT, Dizzy Dizzy Yellow Puppy, UNTERWASSER 在水下 – SYSTEM系统 2024.3.22

While normally considered an electronic club, SYSTEM has in the past put on plenty of live events. And from the sound of it, they’re looking to get back into the habit. Which I’m all for – cause as far as atmosphere goes SYSTEM is one of the best nightlife spots to visit – a concrete utopia that always seems up for some fun. And what better acts to bring through there than an assortment of post punk, electronic and cold wave acts.

This was my debut with synth rock trio SHOT – who use their minimal set-up to great degree – concocting a spirited, nervy retro new wave sound that evoked everything from Talking Heads to the sprawling electronic improvisations of white+. Tons of fun and can’t wait to have them back.

Meanwhile, the cold wave menace and cool edge of UNTERWASSER was a perfect fit for the venue, and it’s great to see them continue to stretch their arms and share the spotlight on stage. It truly feels like a fully-fleshed band up there – and their charisma is really beginning to shine through their dystopian sound.

This was Dizzy Dizzy Yellow Puppy’s night to reign though as the young Nanjing band came out swinging for a riotous, unruly set that found them in their element. Track after track loaded with instrumental heft, wily energy and a ‘devil may care’ attitude that had the audience buzzing.

Thanks to SYSTEM, to the bands and everyone who came out to support local music.

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