Gig Recap: Serious Desperado/Acid Room/Zhu You Hui/Decision at Night (2024.1.05)

Serious Desperado 严肃的走钢丝者, Acid Room 酸的房间, Zhu You Hui 祝游会, Decision at Night 夜晚做决定 at Yuyintang 育音堂 2024.1.05

It’s amazing how the youth can mobilize when they put it all out there. A community of open-hearted, hot-blooded musicians rocking out in all earnestness. Last Friday show the gathering of some of the scene’s freshest contenders – bands that have spent the last year finding their voice, finding each other, and striking a chord with audiences. 

This much was evident from Serious Desperado严肃的走钢丝者 – the emo noise trio from Changzhou that took 2023 by the horns and quickly made a name for themselves. Visceral, emotional, and full-bodied – the band were saying their ‘see you laters’ – a self-imposed hiatus – likely so the band could gain some perspective on what they accomplished in the past year. Take your time – we’ll be waiting. 

The evening also bid adieu to Acid Room酸的房间, from Suzhou, another band that was just saying to gain some traction (their one released song ‘摇曳山川’ is still one of my favorite tunes from 2023) – but something tells me they’ll be back in another form.

This was also my fresh go-around with Decision at Night夜晚做决定 – the heart-on-their-sleeves emo rockers from Hangzhou whose sincerity and love for the genre rings true. They may be rough around the edges but I can’t wait to see where they go from here. 

Likewise for Zhu You Hui 祝游会, a math rock troupe who are quite adept at the musical intricacies of the genre, despite their rotating vocalists left a little to be desired (and simply didn’t add much to the deft instrumental rock on display)

Above all though, it was a thrill to see so many young bands (and fans) enamored with what they were doing, giving themselves over to the music. An emo night to remember indeed. 

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