Gig Recap: Sequelae, ReJianBeiShaShou, Naohai (2021.08.06)

Sequelae 后遗症, Naohai 闹海, ReJianBeiShaShou 热键被杀手

Yuyintang 育音堂2021.08.06

August is taking a bit of a hit with corona rearing its ugly little head again. It’s not so much that Shanghai is in the midst of an outbreak (we’re pretty much in the clear now) it’s how the outbreak elsewhere across China has affected travel – mainly touring bands. Cancelled tours left and right, mixed platter showcases scrambling to find replacement acts and venues struggling to juggle both increased checks on their establishment and a handful of recently open dates. Last Friday felt in some ways the last chance to check out touring bands before the window of opportunity was gone (or at the very least sunken down). 图片

Naohai kicked off the evening (filling in for a band from Nanjing) and it’s good to hear them stretching out their arms. There’s a bit of a emo-inflicted angst finding its way into their sound, albeit one delivered via hard-hitting crusty math rock instrumentation and noise rock aplomb. Really love how much sound they can pack in a song. Looking further to their new release due to drop next month. 

My first dance with Sequelae, out of Zhengzhou, who brought a playful post punk energy to the stage. A lot of their set rested on their frontman’s shoulders and his elastic, manic persona – roaming around the stage like a madman and just about using his bandmates as props to interact with. It never felt like it was taking itself too seriously, which is perfectly fine. 

Musically they leaned more toward the propulsive electronic-backing electro punk – an angle that usually doesn’t work with me, but in their hands felt fresh and above all sincere. And got to hand to them – they had more than a few catchy singles that build quite well. All in all, I’d definitely take another dance with Sequelae. 

Managed to catch a short bit of ReJianBeiShaShou’s set. I’ve seen the Xiamen rockers quite a bit this past year and know what they’re doing. Robust and scrappy all at once, with a bleeding heart evocation that spills into both their verbal delivery and their guitars. Noise pop that satisfies. 

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