Gig Recap: Round Eye, Spill Your Guts (2021.06.26)

Round Eye, Spill Your Guts at Yuyintang 育音堂2021.06.26

Shanghai paid its respects to the man, the myth, the legend, Jimmy Jack – Round Eye’s boy toy drummer of nine years. Long, lean, and perverted, I remember laying my eyes on Jimmy Jack and Round Eye back in 2013 at Yuyintang where I referred to them as a ‘carnival of Cheshire cat lunacy’. 

How they have aged! But tonight was all about giving Jimmy a send-off to remember and friends and family were up to the task turning the venue into a madhouse, as bodies were tossed about like rag dolls, crowds bum-rushed the stage, instruments made their way onto the dance floor, and secret guests appearances were aplenty – including the bands OG lineup resurfacing for a track. 

Saliva was being shared way too much, drum kits were coming undone, and tears were definitely shed (if the farewell compilation didn’t get you misty-eyed in the slightest you are truly a sociopath). Jimmy Jack – Shanghai will miss you dearly! 

Also managed to catch Spill Your Guts and damn I forgot what a fierce tsunami of hardcore rage these cats are – it’s relentless and brutal – full of jagged edges and whiplash-inducing musicianship that cleanse the soul. 

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