Gig Recap: Rhonda, Wasted Laika, Joker’s Belief, OK Beng (DDC 2017.12.22)

Night one of the LBM Xmas Mixer brought forth an assortment of bands old and new, homegrown and outsourced, and more importantly of diverse sounds. A low-key evening perhaps, but not without its high-wire surprises. While Joker’s Belief provided some high spirited funk and neo soul tunes, a body warming appetizer for the evening, it was Rhonda who blew the door off the hinges with a pile-driving, barn burner set that proved once again that the instrumental rockers are one of the best (and criminally underrated) of their lot.


Right on. While Wasted Laika coasted on adolescent charm and rock and roll swagger, it’s clear they are still locking down their sprawling sound that seems to touch upon everything from art rock to punk bravado. Me thinks 2018 will be very kind to them. The true surprise of the evening though was OK Beng – the girrrl riot punk band found of some very fresh-faced ladies straight out of uni. Their jittery set mostly relied on their singer’s happy-go-lucky, carefree attitude which work like gangbusters. Seriously, her infectious attitude and sultry lyrics had the crowd in an uproar and simply can’t wait for them to hone their sound even more. So yeah – there you have it – day one of the LBM Xmas Mixer at DDC

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