Gig Recap: ReJianBeiShaShou, Domino Trigger (2021.01.08)

ReJianBeiShaShou 热键被杀手, Domino Trigger 推骨牌的人 (Yuyintang 育音堂  2021.1.08) 

Popped into Yuyintang last week to catch Xiamen indie rockers ReJianBeiShaShou, in the midst of their tour, bringing the heat.

Domino Trigger continue to impress with their shaded bassline grooving art rock imbued with everything from grunge to psych rock. Simultaneously both brooding and riotous, it’s the mood they strike that sticks with you – one I’d happily jump back into again and again. They’ve been tweaking and perfecting over the past six months, and feels like they’re on the cusp of igniting – something tells me 2021 will be their year.

I remember two and a half years ago in Xiamen being taken aback by the university noise rock daydreamers ReJianBeiShaShou. Turning growing pains and adolescent dread into a swirl of guitar reverb and impassioned vocals the strike an infectious noise pop sound with an emo heart. And looks as though things are going well for the young band – with a new EP and Maybe Mars in their corner, their tour (which started in November) has seen them striking a chord with audiences. And with such a robust catalogue of anthemic singles, it’s easy to see why.

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