Gig Recap: Rat King, Round Eye, Chimera Cult (2021.02.27)

Rat King, Round Eye, Chimera Cult (Yuyintang 2021.02.05)

Popped my head into Yuyintang last Saturday to say hello to some folks and see if my body was in the mood for rock and roll. And while it was hard to muster up much enthusiasm, I gotta hand it to the bands who gave it their all – even as they were sometimes forced to rally against an audience wavering behind being plastered and indifferent. Or I was just tired as hell. It happens.

I didn’t stick around too long, but a few things I took away from the night… first, Rat King’s lead singer is charismatic as fuck – the kind of frontman that knows the stakes and seems to have a blast performing. Second, there are still people who have somehow not seen Round Eye (throw a stone across town any weekend and you’re bound to hit one of their gigs) as evident by my buddy who couldn’t wipe the shit-eating grin off his face afterwards. And last, Chimera Cult is musicality lean – lots of fun with those instruments and the melodies – the kind of throwback sound I could get down with – wished I could’ve caught their whole set. But alas, it’s a month of reckoning for me. Some pics for your consideration.

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