Gig Recap: Poetry in Shorts, YangJi, Uncle Hu

Had the chance to check out Poetry in Shorts – the scrappy, whisky-laced rock trio from Shanghai. My wife and I have kinda fallen head over heels in love with their debut album so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to catch them in the flesh. And they did not disappoint in the slightest. Rugged garage rock twisted around the zombified corpse of psychedelic-inflicted blues-rock with more than enough grit, they felt like a breath of fresh air – a band that knows exactly the kind of sound they’re going for whilst managing to add in their own flavor. Rich lyricism amongst some charming shared vocalisms among the trio of musicians, there’s a vitality and an innovative mischievous to the way the band tackle every song with charismatic ease and old school rock and roll efficiency. Opening for them was YangJi, whose chainsaw KTV aesthetics and quirky demeanor hides some of the most innovative and ear worm-tingling songwriting this side of Beijing, and the rustic indie pop charmers Uncle Hu, who have refined their sound over the years.

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