Gig Recap: Poetry in Shorts, Disband Tomorrow (2021.01.01)

Poetry in Shorts 短裤里的诗歌, Disband Tomorrow 明天就解散 (Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园  2021.1.1) 

Lounged around most of the New Year holiday but was happy to make it over to Yuyintang Park to check in with the Poetry in Shorts boys, a band that seems to get better and more refined with each show. Amid a tour, the trio, featuring Xiaohai, Haiming, and Zhuojun, pulled out all stops, giving audiences everything they wanted and then some -as they performed for well over an hour, showcasing some killer visuals and even whipping out an acoustic piano for a track.

They aren’t too many bands out there like these three who have ingested a whirlwind of influences spanning every decade and have concocted something fresh and original, bringing a lo-fi pop sensibility to their bonafide rock and roll chops, ones that aren’t afraid to inject a bit of jazz intricacy, 70s psych-pop, and whiskey-soaked Balkan rock, even at times evoking a pub masquerading as Broadway production. It’s hard to describe really at the end of the day, which proves they’re a band carving out their own sound instead of mimicking whatever’s already trending. A breath of fresh air indeed. 

Opening up for Poetry in Shorts was Disbanded Tomorrow – a new punk outfit out of Hangzhou. Yeah, they’re rough around the edges, a bit too loose for their own good – but the attitude is there. Scrappy, manic, jangly punk rock that’s out to have a good time. The kind of band I’d love to get onto the small stage. Let’s bring them back to Shanghai already!

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