Gig Recap: Peach Illusion, Default (2020.12.05)

The Peach Planet Music and Art Festival 桃子星球音乐艺术节: Peach Illusion 桃子假象, Default 缺省, ZC木蘭 (2020.12.05)

The Peach Planet Music and Art Festival, an immersive music and art festival heralded by indie pop wanderlust universe creators Peach Illusion, unfolded last weekend at NOYA Space in Yanghu (a pretty cool area complete with an old school university stadium) with two days of music, workshops, interactive installations, art fairs, and more. It was a whirlwind of vendors and really cool art – showcasing the wide range of tastes and innovative art works young people are concocting here in Shanghai.

While Peach Illusion, who released their new EP Let Me Enter Your Eyes a few months back, performed both nights, breaking it up into two acts essentially, with the first round a touch more somber than their closing set. As per usual, they were in their element and delivered thoroughly. They also rounded up a hell of a lineup for the occasion.

On Saturday, the day I swung by, joining them was Shanghai jazz hip-hop artist and rapper ZC木蘭 and Beijing indie rock juggernauts Default, who I haven’t checked in with since their new direction and EP. And yeah they sound all kinds of good – keeping their sound full and cathartic with a refined melodic pull that simply captivates. Can’t wait to see where they go next.

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