Gig Recap: Pale Air (2020.10.30)

Pale Air 淡色艾尔, Quanquan 圈圈(NEO Bar 2020.10.30)

Finally was able to check Shanghai’s Pale Air last weekend at Neo Bar as the young band celebrated their three-year anniversary – and yeah I definitely get the appeal. Shoegaze that swings between soft-spoken slow-burns and swirling turbulent walls of noise, it taps into the more angst-ridden vein of the genre, one that wears its emotions out in the open.

Simply put, they’re damn good and but the looks of the packed house – mostly made up of recent graduates – they’ve got quite the future ahead of them. Support came in the form of a solo set Peach Illusion’s Quanquan 圈圈 – presenting acoustic versions of her indie band’s extensive catalogue. 

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