Gig Recap: No Trace, Xiao Liu (DDC 2017.11.12)

Made my rare, ‘once in a blue moon’ Sunday outing last weekend to check out No Trace at DDC , a band that’s been bubbling under the surface of the scene her in Beijing and a band that’s utterly indescribable. Experimental in its approach, philosophical in its content – they’re a band who clearly have zero interest in taking after their contemporaries. Driving guitars, overlapping vocals, rhythms that engulf you, and a sense of the unknown spews forth from the tense atmosphere that the band in their ridiculous (i.e not cheap) one of a kind set up (their drum set is droll worthy). Nick Cave at his spastic, with crib sheets to back it up there’s a band that has the potential to break out big in the next year. Count me in. Supporting No Trace has singer-songwriter Xiao Liu (Little Six) who just as well catch me off guard with a stunning twenty minute set of atmospheric dream pop songs that had me tracking one single after another. Good stuff Sunday, good stuff.


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