Gig Recap : NEO 12-Year Anniversary (2024.4.27)

The Colombian Cola Ltd. 哥伦比亚可乐, Pumpkins小南瓜, Poetry in Shorts 短裤里的诗歌, Cypher T – NEO Bar 2024.4.27

Neo Bar – the legendary live music venue deep in the heart of Yangpu’s university district – has been giving solace to the young corruptible souls and raising some of Shanghai’s most beloved music acts for a whopping twelve years (across three different locations)! The bright red lights; the dueling movie screenings; the fridge full of Asahi bottles; and its motley crew of rabble-rousers keeping the place afloat – it’s iconic! 

As expected, the team celebrated the only way they knew how last weekend – with two nights of music – with some of my favorite acts to have graced the stage over the years. 

I wisely avoided night one out of fear for my liver – and subconsciously made up for it on night two. Things got messy. Night two featured two of Xinxiang’s most feverish live acts – punk stalwarts Pumpkins and Colombian Col, who have turned their madcap, visceral and  irreverent noise rock into sermon – developing cult-like status in just under a year. Joining them were Beijing rap rock outfit Cypher T and Shanghai’s own psych blues rockers Poetry in Shorts. 

A symphony of debauchery it was – one that my body is still reeling from. And if anyone can find my broken glasses please do reach out to me! 

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