Gig Recap: Nekroma, december3am, 4 Channel Club (DDC 2017.06.09)

The metamorphous of Guiguisuisui continues in Nekroma, which finds the duo in full of avant garde doom prog mode alongside the remains of Nakoma – and gotta say, love the tricks these cats have up their sleeves. Part art performance, part punk theatre – there’s no one doing it quite like them. The team up went debuted at DDC earlier this month in support of the bands self-titled EP release ( and the band’s expansive and wonderfully offbeat influences were also found in the openers for the evening, the always reliable kraut nomad duo december3am giving on their last performances of the summer, and 8-bit scorer 4 Channel Club, providing some ample pixelated soundtracks. So yeah, my kind of jam.  

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