Gig Recap: Nasty Wizard VHS Comp. Release Party (Dada 2017.12.21)

Let’s be honest – Nasty Wizard Recordings likes to indulge itself quite a bit. The Beijing label has taken sick joy out of digging up the remains of the obsolete formats such as cassette tapes and floppy disks – and now they’ve taken it a step to far – the VHS tape – to present their latest opus – the Asian Electronic VHS Compilation – which compiles the work of some of the most exciting purveyors of glitchy sounds and hard hitting beats in East Asia with static drenched music videos. Yeah, we do like to get our freak on. And more so, like to revel in the madness with freaky ass release shows. And we had a scorcher of a lineup a couple weeks back at Dada, including Prajnasonic’s Wavwave, the slick, pulse pushing hard techno side project from iimmune; Huang Jing, the maverick drummer of juggernaut post punk band Re-TROS who lit up the crowd by setting up his electronic drum kit to the middle of the dancefloor; 8-bit soundtrack magician 4 Channels Club with his army of Gameboys, and the ever prolific drone and pedal looper Noise Arcade getting nasty as usual. Plus, a joint DJ cassette tape set from Nasty Wizard’s own henchmen, DJ Guigz and Fancy Hobo – which has chaos in the its finest form. Mazel tov!!

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